2019 season was a year with some really positive signs for the club and playing group.
Showing a lot of potential, with giving some of the top teams a good hard battle.

In the backline we had a very solid group of boys Rhys Gardener, Rhys Carman, Mitchell Barclay, Corey Hall and Liam Bradshaw who week in and week out, had very tough job through out the year. They always kept there heads up and gelled really well together.

The midfield group also got working together well towards the end of the season. With Ryan Johnson being very competitive through the year in the ruck. When the boys were going in hard and being first to the ball and laying hard tackles, you could see other teams thinking twice about going in.

The forwards looked dangerous with the likes of Callum langborne and the return of big man James Scully. Making great targets up forward.

Well done boys on a fantastic season, onwards and upwards from here!



 Who could forget the beating heart of the club, our reserves boys!

Week in, week out, coaches attempted to rally as many troops as possible from around the town to come and have a kick with their mates and enjoy a beer together afterwards as part of our Two’s outfit. Unfortunately, most weeks the call out was only heard by about 16 lads who came to battle it out on actual game days, but alas they all went out there and always had a red hot crack!!! The true Broadford way!

Consistent performances from our BnF winners Neil Johnson and Harley Austin respectively, helped to hold down key opposition forwards who were always looking to try and kick bags, but were made to earn every goal! The support and run from Brenton Smith, Dallas, Marcus Wood, Liam Withers, Jonesy and Connor Stute was always superb, and who could forget the efforts and dulcet tones of a one Adrian Blacker. The cheeky jibes from down back could be heard all the way to Rockbank most weeks! 

Over very own Aaron Sandilands and surely our most improved player at the club Chris Conboy consistently dominated the ruck and surprised many at his stamina and persistent contest at the ball. What was even more awesome was to see him play along side his son James who also improved in leaps and bounds during the season.

Our mids and forwards of Gleeso, Jezza, Troy, Snake, Stillsy, Connell, Trey, Airdy, Lauder, The Lay boys and of course our 450+ senior gamer Pete Ezard, always gave it their best and never gave up no matter how the body was feeling or what the score line was. 

A few cameo appearances throughout the year from some club legends was also great to see such as Mr Jamar and the one and only Pricey all the way for the NT! 

We are so proud of you all and the way your represented the BFNC each week despite being up against it. You are a credit to yourselves and the club! We hope to see you all back next season as we look to grow our squad, and refresh our focus for Season 2020!